• German cuckoo clocks / Black Forest coo coo clock special offers

    German Cuckoo Clock / Coo Coo Clocks Special Offers

    Our coo-coo clocks specials (Price Drops) change monthly!
    Do not miss to buy an original German cuckoo clock from the Black Forest.

  • Here you will find our adwarded cuckoo clocks (clocks of the year)
    Cuckoo clocks of the year!
    Some of our clocks are adwarded with the VdS-Cuckoo clock of the year!
    This for the years 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009,2015 and 2017!
    Please have look to these very beautiful cuckoo clocks
  • Cuckoo clocks mechanical
    Original Black-Forest cuckoo clocks mechanical
    Will all be manufactured in the Black-Forest!
    Most with certificat of authenticity!
    2-5 years of warranty!
  • Cuckoo clock / coo coo clock quartz
    German cuckoo clocks Quartz
    Every coo coo clock is manufactured in the Black-Forest!
    2 years of warranty!

Our Products:

cuckoo clocks mechanical:

Original cuckoo clocks, all manufactured in the Black-Forest,  all with authenticity seal of the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS) , 2-5 years warranty, some with the Adward Cuckoo clock of the year!


cuckoo clocks quartz:

Black-Forest cuckoo clocks, all manufactured in the Black-Forest, 2 years warranty

Our Assets:

* All clocks will be manufactured in the Black-Forest.
* The clocks will be delivered directly from our factory in the Black-Forest.
* 2 bis 5 years warranty.
* No shipping costs within Germany.
* We have monthly changing Special offers (Price drop).
* Secure data transfer of your personal data..

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